TIRU's know-how continues to be exported to North America

Although it is not yet the true conquest of the West, TIRU has begun to take root on American soil. In early May, the French specialist in waste treatment and energy recovery won the contract to operate a new sorting centre in Saguenay, Canada. This win confirms TIRU's position in the United States, which already operates several sorting and selective collection centres in major cities in Quebec, including Montreal. The journey has not stopped there for TIRU which was recently commissioned by EDF Energies in Colorado.

280,000 tons of waste treated

After Montreal (165,000 tons of waste) and the greater Châteauguay region (47,000 tons), TIRU won the contract to operate the Saint-Hubert sorting centre, 15 km from Montreal, in 2015, a facility to treat an additional 50,000 tons of waste.


Saguenay Sorting Centre in Quebec

The Saguenay site, with a capacity of 18,000 tons of recyclable materials, completes the range of sorting centres operated by TIRU.

A recognition of the French know-how that goes hand in hand with TIRU's eco-responsible standards: the valorization of materials, in the form of energy, compost or solid recovered fuels, is at the origin of all the company's innovations.
Saguenay Sorting Centre in Quebec

Enlargement, automation

Saguenay Sorting Centre in Quebec

Saguenay Sorting Centre in Quebec

The Saguenay site is undergoing a major transformation. TIRU's subsidiary, Recyclage MD, is continuing the expansion work begun by the previous operator of the site.
With this new equipment, the French group is supporting the modernization of processes and facilities as it did in Montreal, where waste collection is carried out by automated trucks. A new fleet of collection trucks, equipped with an automatic arm that collects 360-litre containers, has boosted the performance of sorting centres.
The first three Canadian sorting centres operated by TIRU also developed a recovery system for Nespresso capsules to give them a second life.

International recognition

The Montreal sorting centre, whose modernization and mechanization was orchestrated by TIRU in 2008, is one of the largest and most modern sorting centres in North America. In Colorado, in the United States, EDF Energies Nouvelles called on TIRU's expertise in odour treatment for the development of a biogas plant. This American recognition continues the work of TIRU, and it shares its know-how as it has already installed two rotary industrial furnaces in England, Exeter and Grimsby. TIRU's technology also helps Saint-Barthélemy, where the group is responsible for the treatment and energy recovery of all the island's waste.