TIRU's human resources policy

The HR ambition of TIRU


Throughout its history in the field of waste treatment, TIRU has proven its ability to operate the waste-to-energy plants entrusted to it thanks to its qualified and regularly trained employees. This has all been done within the framework of an ambitious and dynamic social and environmental health and safety policy.

Human capital is indeed one of the pillars of TIRU's development, which works on a daily basis to make the women and men who make up TIRU grow, in a motivating, fulfilling work environment, putting the health and safety of its employees at the heart of its concerns.

In this perspective and in the continuity of the actions already undertaken, the HR ambition revolves around the following three main challenges:

  • continuous improvement of the safety of our employees and preservation of our environment,
  • skills maintenance and development,
  • the motivation and pride of being one of our employees.

The rise of digital technologies is creating a new challenge: investing in prospecting and coaching teams to digitize HR processes.

This ambition is built in the interest of TIRU's organizational and social performance, while also respecting social responsibility commitments.

Our safety, health and environment results


The integrity of the women and men of the companies that make up TIRU and the preservation of our environment are two absolute priorities.
Maintaining and continuously improving our results in health, safety and the environment are indeed social performance objectives at the service of our employees but also and more generally of all external workers who can intervene on our sites.
It is also a strong indicator of our technical performance and operating quality.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

It is within this framework that TIRU's Health, Safety and Environment Policy has been drawn up, based on an integrated management system, via a managed organisation and an action plan:

  • managerial, based on the exemplarity and commitment of the entire hierarchical line,   
  • technical, with fundamental actions to prevent occupational risks,
  • active communication for regular sensitization,
  • and ongoing training of all stakeholders. All our sites are therefore 14001 certified and TIRU aims to extend OHSAS 18001 certification to all our sites by 2018.

Strong and renewed skills


Training is a major concern for TIRU, which devotes a significant budget and many resources to it, in order to enable our staff to constantly adapt to industrial facilities and new environmental and technical challenges, but also to constantly reinforce the professionalization of our employees.

Skills Program

TIRU has set up a "Skills Programme" to maintain and develop the skills of all employees at a high level for the benefit of:

  • our quality of operation, TIRU's trademark, guaranteeing the performance of our facilities while respecting QSE issues;
  • our employees; by offering them professional career development and retaining our Talents

This programme is structured around three levels:

  • actions developed at the level of TIRU and its subsidiaries, such as the creation of integration paths adapted to our specific types of employment, the creation of pools, or specific professionalization actions on the core business knowledge and know-how that make up the TIRU business (e. g. the development of numerous training courses provided by our in-house experts);
  • the actions developed locally on each of our sites (e. g. the setting up of procedures filmed around a technical gesture),
  • actions developed at the level of Dalkia and the EDF Group with the creation of the Academy of Energy Services Professions: this is a mechanism shared by the EDF Group's energy services subsidiaries; its objective: to have a dedicated training offer and a typical professional development path for each of our key areas of activity (e. g. operations, maintenance, etc.), based in particular on the EDF campus at Saclay and the Dalkia campus in Lomme.

Passport Manager

Given that managers are essential relays of the directions and decisions taken, TIRU has set up a series of training courses specifically designed for them since 2013: the Passport Manager.

It is a system that is structured over time and progressive, allowing managers already in the workplace or employees soon to take up such a position to upgrade their skills. It has been developed to create exchange and the sharing of experience and has been tailor-made based on TIRU's Manager Standards, managerial practices and Values.

These courses also meet the objective of having a managerial line that shares common values and orientations and is trained to lead the change necessary for any commitment to sustainable development.

Motivated employees who are proud to belong to TIRU

TIRU is particularly committed to developing employee engagement and encourages employees to benefit from motivating working conditions, as these are key factors in its performance and development.

Comprehensive remuneration policy


TIRU has therefore implemented a comprehensive remuneration policy for itself and all its subsidiaries: in addition to base salary, the remuneration system has been extended in recent years to other individual or collective schemes.

By way of illustration, all employees benefit from a profit-sharing scheme and are covered by a common pension and health insurance scheme offering high-level coverage.

Provisional management of jobs and skills

Accompanying employees throughout their working lives contributes to the same sense of motivation and well-being at work: TIRU is therefore involved in structured individual and career management approaches, within the more general framework of Provisional Management of jobs and skills: this involves measures to detect potential, career transition or the management and retention of our Talents.

In this respect, the different types of individual interviews carried out between the employee and his or her manager or Human Resources Manager ensure close monitoring of each employee's career management (issues related to career path and project, geographical and/or functional mobility, etc.).

Social barometer: the My EDF survey

The attention given to the well-being of our employees also refers to the actions undertaken in terms of working hours, work-life balance, equality between women and men, deployment of the Generation Contract...

With regard to all these measures, TIRU has been included in the My EDF survey since 2016 and is therefore equipped with a comprehensive tool to measure the effects of our HR policy and the well-being of our employees: it is a tool for measuring the overall satisfaction of employees and the social climate, in the form of an anonymous questionnaire. The results show a constant level of motivation of almost 70%, with more than 70% of the employees recommending TIRU to work there.

Our commitment to social and societal responsibility


Commitment to Dalkia and the EDF Group's Corporate Social Responsibility approach

TIRU is part of Dalkia's and the EDF Group's approach to social and societal responsibility, in particular with respect to the commitments set out in the Group's sustainable development policy. This policy is based on several commitments that take into account social, economic and environmental aspects.

At the social level, TIRU integrates these commitments into its employment and recruitment policy, promoting the richness of diversity and the fight against discrimination.

TIRU is also attentive to the quality of labour relations and social dialogue within the company: TIRU has endeavoured to develop consultation with the social partners, in compliance with the social agenda and with a constant concern to ensure respect for the climate and social cohesion at all our sites.

More generally, this adherence to the EDF Group's social responsibility agreement enables us to promote our actions on the 20 commitments it contains, amongst which are: respect for human rights, health and safety at work, relations with our subcontractors in terms of compliance with the law, health and safety or ethical behaviour, the integration of people with disabilities, the environmental safety of our facilities...

Adherence to the UN Global Compact

In addition to this commitment, TIRU naturally signed the UN Global Compact in 2013: TIRU has committed itself to the ten founding principles grouped under four fundamental themes:

  • human rights,
  • labour standards,
  • the environment,
  • the fight against corruption.

This commitment continues today with Dalkia, which has joined this pact for itself and its subsidiaries.

These values are integrated into the TIRU culture through our Code of Conduct and Ethics and our Health, Safety and Environment Management System.

They are also in perfect harmony with the six Values that form the basis of TIRU's identity (safety above all, customer satisfaction, team spirit, respect for the environment, performance and ethics), and have been translated into Management Values supported by our entire hierarchical line (exemplarity, loyalty, solidarity, respect for the person, courage, responsibility).

With all of these systems at the heart of its social performance and in the service of its overall performance, TIRU can rely on motivated employees who are proud of their belonging to the Group, of which they are the primary ambassadors.