TIRU values

TIRU's identity is characterized by respect for the individual and for the common interest.

We respect and uphold our commitments on a daily basis with our customers, employees, shareholders and all our partners in the name of our values.

These values form the basis of our corporate culture, that is, our personality, our difference. They guide our daily actions, decisions and strategic choices. They are the benchmarks that determine how we think, act and operate in our activities. They are what makes us strong.


Safety is our life!

Working safely means acting collectively and individually to identify and control the risks associated with our business in order to protect ourselves, protect our colleagues and contribute to the performance and long-term sustainability of TIRU: the safety of our employees and stakeholders is at the heart of our actions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our activity is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

We owe it to ourselves every day to respect our commitments to them. To ensure a quality service, by providing them with our expertise as well as our experience and by listening to them at all times. This is why we have the constant will to develop a long-lasting and close relationship with them, involving ourselves in local life, alongside them.

“TIRU, which has managed the operation of our bio-waste recovery unit since 2006, no longer needs to demonstrate its know-how. All the objectives we had contracted in the past have been achieved and the site has been continuously improved."
Guy Allemenne, President of SEVADEC

Team spirit

It is everyone's contribution that leads to overall success.

Our wealth is that of our diversity. It is nurtured by the confrontation of our differences and our exchanges with each other. Within the group, we work in united teams, on common projects, with mutual respect for each other.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is at the heart of our business.

Today, and also since its creation, TIRU is concerned about the impact of its activity on the environment, in particular through environmental action programmes. Transparent communication of the environmental results related to our business is also our commitment.


For each of our businesses, our performance is that of a quality service and profitability that is beneficial to all.

We are committed to maintaining it over the long term thanks to the mastery of processes and their evolution, a trained and competent staff and a competitive development policy.


At TIRU, relations with employees and social partners, customers and shareholders are transparent.

Based on our understanding of the public interest, our commercial relations with our customers and suppliers are carried out with respect for the person, for rules and for contracts.

Managerial values

These values, shared by TIRU with all its employees, were reinforced by 6 managerial values. They establish a common managerial culture that guides everyone's actions: Exemplarity, Loyalty, Solidarity, Respect of the person, Courage, Responsibility.