TIRU partner of RUN ECO TEAM: Running together for a cleaner world

In July, TIRU signed a partnership with RUN ECO TEAM. This association encourages runners to collect rubbish during their run and publish the photo on Facebook. TIRU, a specialist in energy recovery, offers a new dimension to this responsible gesture.
Starting today, begin the sprint to collectively contribute to a cleaner world!

TIRU, an eco-citizen player


As a fully committed player in the energy transition, TIRU supports eco-responsible initiatives.

The group transforms waste into energy (electricity, steam, biogas) and material (compost). Alongside RUN ECO TEAM, it promotes eco-gestures and raises public awareness of the impact of waste on the environment. Thanks to its century-old experience, TIRU places the runners in the tangible logic of a circular economy. Indeed, TIRU shows the virtuous fate of the waste collected.

Every piece of waste counts!

The partnership aims to encourage citizen participation in sustainable development.

In this way, TIRU wishes to make the general public aware of the importance of waste sorting and treatment. In the field, and in close contact with its customers (communities, municipal associations), the group is increasing opportunities to promote good practices: sorting, recycling, reducing waste and recycling. RUN ECO TEAM now offers a new sporting medium for these messages.

Get set, go!

A collective project supported by the entire group, the partnership is immediately transformed into actions.

In September, employees mobilized: races were organized at all TIRU sites. In France, the United Kingdom and Canada, employees run under the colours of RUN ECO TEAM to spread the concept. 
And from October, TIRU and RUN ECO TEAM are launching a totally new mobile application! In addition to the usual functions, this calculates the energy potentially produced from the waste collected. A great motivation to run even further!

RUN ECO TEAM, 1 run = 1 garbage

A citizens' initiative born out of a responsible action


In 2016, Nicolas Lemonnier from Nantes is about to become a father. During a run, he picks up garbage and publishes a photo of it. He then encouraged other runners to combine sport and ecology.

The idea is simple:"If all the runners in France collected a piece of waste of 20 grams every time they went for a run, we could collect up to 40 tons of waste per year".
 Very quickly, thousands of runners imitate him.    

Spotted by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg!

Nicolas Lemonnier first thought it was a joke... One day he got a call from Mark Zuckerberg who wanted to meet him. Invited to Facebook headquarters in San Francisco, the eco-responsible runner sees his idea gain worldwide fame. Facebook even offers him the production of a promotional video for RUN ECO TEAM: