TIRU gains a presence in Poland through the construction of a EfW plant in Gdansk

On 7 May 2018, the municipality of Gdansk (northern Poland) signed a 29-year contract with the group of which TIRU is a part for the construction and operation of an energy plant using waste-derived solid recovered fuel. The works will be completed at the end of 2021 and the project aims to produce electricity and heat for the city’s district heating system. 


With an annual capacity of 160 000 tonnes, the new EfW plant will complement a large multi-utility facility located outside the city.

The factory will mainly use solid recovered fuel (SRF) from the waste recovery centre currently operated on the same site and from the four regional household waste processing centres.

The heat produced by burning the SRF will be recovered and supply the city’s district eating network, thus replacing fossil fuel energy (especially coal).

The EfW will also produce electricity from the SRF; this electricity will then be fed into the grid.

Through this innovative project, the ZUT management will have a full waste recovery system. The municipality of Gdansk will comply with the European targets for the Energy Transition, i.e. a reduction in waste sent to landfill and an improvement in recycling.  

Pierre de Montlivault, Managing Director of TIRU, is excited about this partnership: “The circular economy is at the heart of TIRU’s mission and we are proud to be able to assist the municipality of Gdansk’s waste recovery work. This contract enables TIRU to complement the Dalkia Group’s portfolio in Poland, since the Group already operates district heating networks and is working to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.”


Gdansk is the sixth-largest city in Poland, with around 500,000 inhabitants; the city is also the largest port in the country. 


A specialist in waste recovery and energy-from-waste

TIRU, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, specializes in energy recovery from waste in the form of electricity and steam for use in district heating networks or industrial applications, in organic waste recovery and waste recovery at its processing, anaerobic digestion and composting units.


Leading on energy efficiency in France

Dalkia, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, is one of the leading energy services companies in France. Dalkia offers its clients tailored solutions for each building, city, local authority, region and industrial site. Dalkia is rising to the energy transition challenge, enabling its clients to benefit from full control over the entire energy chain, from the supply of energy to the optimization of its consumption and taking into account the maintenance and supervision of the installations. In addition, Dalkia provides commitments to control consumption and to guarantee long-term performance.