Sylvie Jéhanno appointed CEO of Dalkia and President of TIRU

Sylvie Jéhanno, Chief Executive Officer of Dalkia since January 1, 2017, is also Chairman of the Group. She also became President of TIRU.

Sylvie Jéhanno plan américain

Dalkia's Board of Directors is changing its governance by merging the functions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. Sylvie Jéhanno, Dalkia's Chief Executive Officer since January 1,2017, has been appointed Chairman and CEO as of January 10, 2018. She is the successor to Jean-Michel Mazalérat.

On the same date, the Board of Directors of TIRU, a Dalkia subsidiary specializing in the recycling of household waste, appointed Sylvie Jéhanno as Chairman of TIRU. She replaced Jean-Pierre Frémont, who remained a director. Pierre de Montlivault, appointed on September 1,2017, will continue as Chief Executive Officer.