A sudsidiary of Dalkia and the EDF group

TIRU, a subsidiary of the EDF Group since 1946 and Dalkia since 2016, specializes in the transformation of waste into materials and energy. TIRU operates 37 sites, mainly in France, but also in Great Britain and Canada.

TIRU, specialist in energy and waste material recovery

TIRU is a designer-constructor and operator of waste recovery units. This specialized subsidiary of the EDF Group offers a range of waste recovery solutions that can be adapted to local authorities, departmental and municipal associations and their territories.

"Our merger with Dalkia within the EDF Group makes our corporate strategy even more relevant. This is in line with our desire to offer our customers solutions adapted to their territories and in line with the ambitions of the energy transition." Pierre de Montlivault, Chief Executive Officer of TIRU

Dalkia, an expert in energy solutions


Dalkia, which has been a subsidiary of the EDF Group since 2014, offers its customers tailor-made solutions for each building, city, community, territory and industrial site.

Dalkia has taken up the challenge of energy transition and enables its customers to benefit from complete control of the entire energy chain, from the supply of energy to the optimization of their consumption, including maintenance and plant management. All this with commitments to control consumption and guaranteed performance over time.

Dalkia provides energy solutions at the level of each territory. With the objectives of controlling consumption, guaranteeing energy performance, and enhancing both local and renewable resources.

Dalkia in figures

  • 3.3 billion euros in revenues
  • 12,950 employees (excluding specialist subsidiaries)
  • 84,600 energy installations managed in France
  • 358 heating and air-conditioning networks
  • 2,100 industrial sites
  • 13,800 tertiary and commercial establishments
  • 2,800 health care institutions
  • 2.6 million heated apartment units

The EDF Group, an energy supplier


As a major player in the energy transition, the EDF Group is an integrated energy company active in all business lines: production, transmission, distribution, trading, energy sales and energy services.

As the world leader in low-carbon energies, the Group has developed a diversified production mix based on nuclear energy, hydropower, new renewable energies and thermal energy. The Group participates in the supply of energy and services to approximately 37.6 million customers, including 27.8 million in France.

EDF in key figures

  • 75 billion euros in turnover
  • 159,112 employees
  • 37.6 million customers
  • 619.3 TWh produced
  • 134.2 GWe of installed capacity