Producing raw materials from waste

TIRU optimizes the sorting and conditioning of recyclable materials (plastics, paper/cardboard, metals) in order to offer a second life to waste.

TIRU transforms waste into material

Why recycle waste material?

Waste material recovery consists of sorting and conditioning recyclable materials (plastics, fibres, metals).

In Perpignan, all plastic packaging is recycled in SYDETOM66 materials recovery facility,a cutting edge sorting facility which is run by Tiru. It even recycles coffee capsules.


How does material recycling work?


Thanks to material recovery, recycling plants produce raw materials such as newspapers, plastics, aluminium, steel, etc.

TIRU offers tailor-made material recycling solutions

High-performance innovations

With TIRU, each plant benefits from technical support and technological monitoring thanks to an integrated Technical and Engineering Department. TIRU's active participation as prime contractor in the modernization projects and technological evolutions required by the customer is also an undeniable asset in anticipating regulations and optimizing sorting and recycling processes. Among these pioneering developments:

  • Recycling of incoming waste in accordance with CITEO recommendations (CITEO is a French company that develops efficient solutions for sorting and recycling and reduces the environmental impact of packaging and paper):
  • The sorting centre in Perpignan (66) has been modified to accommodate all types of packaging. In anticipation of the upcoming legislation, work has been carried out to modernise the sorting centre in Perpignan to increase the quantity of packaging (plastics, aluminium, etc.) processed each year. The sorting centre in Perpignan thus serves as an example to the entire country.
  • The implementation of new channels to reduce refusals to waste sorting and adapt to the needs of buyers.

A human commitment

Integration and solidarity are at the heart of TIRU's commitment, in particular through its work:

  • collaboration with the Caisses d' Assurance Retraite et de la Sant√© au Travail (Pension and Occupational Health Insurance Fund) through work on ergonomics
  • access to sorting for disabled workers in Montreal