Producing biogas and compost from waste

TIRU operates waste treatment units to produce biogas and compost. Its recognized expertise in organic treatment enables it to engage in innovative solutions, notably through the production of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF).

TIRU transforms waste into biogas and compost

Biological recycling of waste, what is it for?

Biological recovery is a waste treatment process that consists in using the degradation of organic matter by methane production and composting to produce compost and biogas as well as SRF, Solid Recovered Fuels, which are used in cement works.

80,000 tonnes of household and green waste treated by the Chagny organic sorting-methane production plant each year


How does biological recycling work?

valorisation biologique

La valorisation biologique des déchets permet de produire du biogaz qui pourra être valorisé sous forme d'énergie (électricité ou chaleur) ou de compost, utilisé notamment pour l'agriculture.

TIRU offers customised biological recycling solutions

Methane production to generate biogas and compost

Methane production is the process of degradation of organic matter through the action of micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen. It can be applied to most fermentable organic waste: food waste, newspapers, green waste, etc.

Methane production makes it possible to produce:

  • biogas, which offers diverse possibilities for energy recovery (heat production, electricity generation, injection onto the gas network, fuel for vehicles).
  • standard quality compost, which can be used for crops, green spaces and gardens.

Composting to produce compost

In a similar manner to methane production, composting requires pre-sorting to remove plastics and inert materials that might degrade the quality of the compost. Compost compliant with NFU 44-051 standard (French governmental norm) is obtained after several weeks of fermentation and maturation. It can be used in agriculture.

Facilities conceived according to local needs

TIRU operates plants of different configurations in France and abroad, designed to meet the specific needs of each customer, including

  • Sorting-composting in Mont-de-Marsan (40) and Chézy (03)
  • Methane production on bio-waste in Calais (62)
  • Sorting-methane production in Bourg-en-Bresse (01) and Chagny (71)

Teams in the service of their clients

  • proximity teams for daily reactivity
  • mastery of new regulations
  • technical and operational expertise on installations
  • operating quality and optimum availability rate

TIRU is committed to a forward-looking solution: Solid Recovered Fuels SRF

An efficient, environmentally friendly and nuisance-free process

SRFs, residues with a high calorific value, constitute a recoverable energy substitute for fossil fuels, which allows a clear ecological gain. TIRU is the first company in France to produce SRFs from household waste, which is then used in cement plants.

The TVME (Recovery Waste to Energy Sorting Plant) in Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais) has been producing Solid Recovery Fuels since 2015.

SRF production at Hénin-Beaumont