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TIRU wins a new sorting centre in Montreal!

TIRU's Canadian subsidiary won a design-build and operate contract for a 5th sorting centre in Canada!


TIRU's know-how continues to be exported to North America

Although it is not yet the true conquest of the West, TIRU has begun to take root on American soil. In early May, the French specialist in waste treatment and energy recovery won the contract to operate a new sorting centre in Saguenay, Canada. This win confirms TIRU's position in the United States, which already operates several sorting and selective collection centres in major cities in Quebec, including Montreal. The journey has not stopped...


Isséane, the crossroads of foreign delegates in Paris

The energy recovery unit, Isséane, located in Issy-les-Moulineaux in the west of Paris and owned by Syctom, attracts more and more visitors every year and not just any old visitor! Many of them have travelled from afar to discover this exemplary factory renowned for its architecture and performance. Two-thirds of this waste treatment plant is buried in the ground and it is unanimously hailed.


A new contract for Canadian teams

Canadian teams have won the contract to operate a new sorting centre! As of May 1st, TIRU will be the operator of a 4th sorting centre in Canada: that of the city of Saguenay, for 3 years, renewable.