A new contract for Canadian teams

Canadian teams have won the contract to operate a new sorting centre!
As of May 1st, TIRU will be the operator of a 4th sorting centre in Canada: that of the city of Saguenay, for 3 years, renewable.


  • Since 1995, TIRU's Canadian subsidiaries have been providing selective collection services for household waste in several cities in Quebec: Montreal and the greater Châteauguay region have given them the management of their respective sorting centres.
  • In November 2015, TIRU won the contract to operate the sorting centre in Saint-Hubert, 15 km from Montreal.
  • As of May 1, TIRU will also operate the Saguenay sorting centre. With a capacity of 18,000 tons of recyclable materials, this small-scale site will complete the range of sizes of Canadian sorting centres operated by TIRU: 165,000 tons for Montreal, 47,000 for Châteauguay and 50,000 for St Hubert.
© Yann Le Borgne

© Yann Le Borgne


Previously, Matrec had been operating the Saguenay sorting centre since 2009. It had carried out a revamping from the beginning of the contract by expanding the site and adding new equipment. TIRU's subsidiary, Recyclage MD, will be responsible for the ongoing restoration of the site.