In Montreal, the trucks load the containers on their own

The Montreal sorting centre is one of the largest and most modern sorting centres in North America, modernized and mechanized by TIRU in 2008. In recent years, a new fleet of collection trucks has strengthened the performance of sorting centres.

Selective collection by automated trucks

Special sign? Their automated arm, which picks up 360-litre containers and empties them into the dumpster.

When in use, the truck driver operates alone and only has to operate this arm from a dashboard without leaving the vehicle cab.

"These robotic trucks have reduced the risks: real progress in health and safety has been noted, along with an increase in collection productivity."
Gilbert Durocher
President of RSC*

Since 1995, TIRU, through its subsidiaries*, has been operating the selective collection service and sorting centres in Montréal, Châteauguay, Saint-Hubert and recently in Saguenay.

Rebuts Solides Canadiens (RSC) / Canadian Solid Waste Management System