Launch of the RUN ECO TEAM application in partnership with TIRU

TIRU and RUN ECO team continue their eco-citizen mission and want to involve the greatest number of citizens for a clean planet with their unique running application!

French initiative spotted and supported by Mark Zuckerberg

Nicolas Lemonnier, founder of the RUN ECO TEAM association RUN ECO TEAM, has gained followers all over the world. And not just anybody... Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the Facebook giant, has spotted the French initiative and decided to support it. Today, the RUN ECO TEAM Group has more than 20,000 members worldwide! Over the last few months, TIRU has become one of the major supporters of RUN ECO TEAM.

Together, the expert in waste recovery and the eco-citizen association have set themselves a crucial objective for the future of the planet:

Raise the awareness of as many citizens as possible on waste management and its transformation in a dynamic circular economy.

A connected tool to become an actor in the Energy Transition

In order to get the general public on board, RUN ECO TEAM and TIRU launched a mobile application, available free of charge on PlayStore and AppStore under the name of "Run Eco Team". Its purpose is twofold: to offer running functionalities (calculation of performance, distance, time, course, etc.) and enable runners to publish and account for their collected waste easily. In a single click, they photograph, comment and publish their collection on social networks, which carry the eco-citizen message, and directly on the Facebook Group of the association.

The app also includes a fun and educational component to make runners aware of the second life cycle of waste (recycling or energy). TIRU has thus created the "Kilowaster" module: a fictitious unit that allows users to discover the potential energy produced by their harvest. Every user raises the meter of collected waste, contributing to a cleaner planet. One more motivation to run a few more kilometers!

Let's set an example!

Supporters such as the Paris City Hall, WWF and many others have praised this eco-citizen and innovative initiative. Laury Thilleman, Miss France 2011, has taken up the challenge and set an example. Alongside Nicolas Lemonnier, with footwear and phone in hand, she launched an Eco Run from Facebook Europe's offices, which hosted the launch of the app.

The participation of public figures shows the very communicative enthusiasm that can be generated by such initiatives. The ecological revolution at work demands our collective commitment:

Let's all follow the movement!