Health, Safety and Environment Responsibilities

TIRU is above all men and women committed to and motivated by the production of renewable energy and material recovery from waste. TIRU's top priority is to ensure the safety of its employees and safeguard their health, as well as that of its subcontractors.

For them, TIRU is committed to health, safety, environment and energy.

Our primary ambitions: :

  • No accidents
  • No harm to people internally and externally
  • No damage to the environment

Our commitments to health, safety, environment and energy

TIRU is committed to 5 main objectives aimed at improving the integration of HSE themes in all company processes.


1. Health and safety, a key value for TIRU

TIRU has made safety the company's number one priority and makes it a daily reality through the commitment of managers and a range of field actions.

Developing a TIRU safety culture

TIRU strives to develop a strong safety culture within its teams and its subcontractors, notably through the organisation of specific events and the use of proven tools.

The main tools

  • Production of 6 HSVs per manager and per year (Hierarchical Security Visit involving an exchange between a manager and his or her team during an intervention on the subject of security)
  • Reporting and handling of dangerous situations
  • Systematic execution of the downtime minute before any intervention
  • Development of exchanges and security discussions
  • Best practice feedback

Main events

  • Each year, the safety days bring together the managerial line and the SSE network, an opportunity to exchange views on safety issues.
  • The Health, Safety and Environment Week allows all employees and service providers to approach HSE topics from a practical and fun perspective.

Key figures

  • 100 participants for safety days 2018
  • 30 workshops offered during the SSE 2017 week and about 300 participations
  • 800 HSVs achieved in 2017
  • 1700 dangerous situations and 1000 best practices from 2017

Integrate HSE topics at the heart of all business lines

  • Adequate training, certification and authorization of employees
  • Supervision of subcontractors
  • Supervision of dangerous operations by appropriate operating procedures (consignment, work permits, etc.)
    Identification and treatment of PHRIs (Potential High Risk Incidents)
  • HSE risk prevention through a comprehensive diagnosis accompanied by an appropriate action plan

2. The environment and energy, an integral part of TIRU's business

Through its waste recovery activity, TIRU is a major player in the environment and renewable energies. The company integrates environmental and energy issues into all stages of its industrial processes and projects.

Targeted actions

Numerous references show TIRU's commitment to protecting the environment and improving its energy performance:

  • Respect for biodiversity and ecological issues during the construction of the Ecocéa plant in Chagny
  • Maximisation of the energy performance of the Pontenx-les-Forges plant by its connection to a tomato greenhouse. 
  • The extension of the district heating network in Douchy-les-Mines, an essential service of the energy policy and sustainable development of the territory.

TIRU attaches great importance to the control of its industrial discharge, as well as to transparency with its customers and residents.

  • View environmental data by site

TIRU is also developing the environmental awareness of its employees, service providers, customers and the general public, particularly through its communication operations and partnerships.

Key figures

  • 935,000 tons of CO2 avoided per year, the equivalent of 730,200 vehicles removed from circulation.
  • 2.74 TWh of electricity and steam produced, i.e. 790,000 inhabitants supplied with electricity and heating for one year.
  • 15 races organized with Run Eco Team since the summer of 2017, i.e. 200 runners made aware of waste collection.

3. A lasting commitment to sustainable development through certifications


TIRU relies on its management system to improve its performance in Health, Safety, Environment and Energy. The company has its system recognised by an external organisation, AFNOR. TIRU has a long experience in this field since its first certification, ISO 14001 for the environment, dates back to 2005.