A fifth sorting centre in Canada for TIRU

TIRU's Canadian subsidiary won the tender to design, build and operate the new sorting centre in west Montreal. By 2019, this unit will treat half of the city's recyclable waste. This new centre reinforces TIRU's position in selective collection waste sorting in Canada, where the group already operates four other sites.


Processing 75,000 tons of recyclable materials per year

In September, the City of Montreal awarded the contract to La Compagnie de Recyclage de Papiers MD (a TIRU subsidiary) to design, build and operate its new sorting centre located in Lachine, west of the island. Each year, 75,000 tonnes of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal will be processed. This ambitious project complements the Saint-Michel sorting centre, already operated by TIRU, which is operating at full capacity. At the cutting edge of technology, the new unit will include an innovative glass sorting and cleaning system to maximize recycling of this material.

Sustainable development at the heart of Montréal's agenda

By setting up this new centre, the municipality of Montreal has set itself a number of objectives: to reduce the transport distance for trucks in order to avoid the emission of 340 tons of CO2 each year and save money, but also to achieve a recycling rate of 70%. To meet the City's commitment to sustainable development, TIRU will design a LEED Gold certified building.

LEED Gold Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)


Equivalent to our Haute Qualité Environnementale (HQE- High Environmental Quality) certification, the North American standard has four levels (certified, silver, gold and platinum). It assesses the performance of buildings using a holistic approach by measuring their energy efficiency, water and heating efficiency, the use of locally sourced materials and the reuse of surplus materials. The certification attests to the reduction of the building's ecological footprint during and after the design phase; it also aims to ensure optimal user health.

TIRU, a major player in sorting

Present in Canada since 1994 through several speciality subsidiaries, TIRU is recognized for its expertise in recycling by sorting recyclable waste. Thanks to the know-how of the Québec teams and the support of the Group's Technical and Engineering Department (DTI), more than 320,000 tons of waste are sorted in Europe and Canada. In France, the sorting centres in Perpignan and Chambéry have benefited from extensive modernisation work over the years. Today, thanks to extensive installations, the Perpignan plant is involved in an experimental project and receives all the plastic packaging from users.

3 questions for... The City of Montreal

What is the challenge and importance of this new sorting centre for the City?

The current challenges to the performance and quality of recyclable materials sorting are immense and the resale markets are increasingly demanding. In addition, Quebec has set itself the ambitious goal of diverting 70% of all municipal recyclable materials generated from disposal. The City of Montreal is on the right track and in 2016 already diverted 60% of recyclable materials. In this context, the City of Montreal wanted to acquire a new state-of-the-art sorting centre.

What were the strengths of La Compagnie de Recyclage de Papiers MD's (MD Paper Recycling Company) proposal?

The bids expected by the City for an offer of design, construction, operation and maintenance required the expertise of several sectors of activity. The proposal of the TIRU group and its partners met the expectations of the City through the competence and expertise of the companies and the associated key personnel.

What do you expect from the forthcoming collaboration with TIRU?

In 2019, Ville de Montréal wants to open and operate the most efficient sorting centre in its category, with a sorting capacity of 100,000 tons/year. For this purpose, an exceptional collaboration with each of the companies is expected at all stages of the contract. The City recognizes the North American experience of the TIRU Group and its partners in the new sorting centre. For the years to come, it aims to work closely with each other on their respective responsibilities, in order to obtain and maintain the services required to achieve the objectives set by the government and the commitment of the City and its citizens to better manage our residual materials.