Environmental results: careful monitoring

TIRU attaches great importance to the control of its industrial discharges, as well as to transparency with its customers and residents. The installations are monitored on a daily basis and the various surveys are sent each month to the inspection services (DREAL: Direction Régionale de l' Environnement, de l' Aménagement et du Logement and DRIEE: Direction Régionale et Interdéparale de l' Environnement et de l' Energie Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing and DRIEE: Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate for Environment and Energy). They are also communicated to the public through the Public Information Packages (PIPs): these PIPs are available in town halls, some of which can be consulted on this page, and given to members of the CSS (Commissions de Suivi de Site, Site Monitoring Commissions previously known as CLIS), when they have been set up by the prefects.